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  1. My name is Derek Moore from South Shields (in those days). Apprentice on the Eastbank 1962 (6Months) Yewbank (13 Months) Southbank (5 Months @ yes, one on them was me., boxing day 1964).Thereafter Weirbank (3Months for Copra run, transferred to Westbank, Melbourne to Burnie (3 Months), Second Mate’s at South Shields. thereafter 5 years on the Australian Coast, Mate;s in Sydney, Masters in Southampton. Few months with S.S. Stephenson Marine Consultancy. (not good). Divorced and went back sailing. Couple of years with Chevron UK (VLCC’s). Eight years with Kaiser Internationl Shipping (OBO’s, Port Captain, Ops Manager and General Manager, Chile, until resigned and moved back to Hampshire (Alton). Moved to Newmarket and built houses for a couple of years until Ms Thatchers recession. Went back sailing with Petromin (Jeddah) Louis Dreyful (Paris) several Norwegian Companies (Tankers) Mitsui OSK (Tokyo) Few years with Saudi Petroleum out of Dubai (ULCC’S) and ended up on a Norwegian lightering vessel out of Houston for six months before a few years independently operating as a Port Captain, Surveyor, Operations Consultant, Loss Control stuff, etc etc. I still live here.

    I remember the Southbank grounding very well, drifting offshore waiting for the weather to subside, the engine failed to operate in the middle of the turn and the vessel was pushed by the heavy ground swell, head first onto the reef. The swell caused the stern to heavily raise and lower, and within an hour, the ships back was broken. Most of the people were taken off by the islanders in there heavy weather boats. Myself and a couple of others went over the bow when a heavy swell came in, and had to swim pretty fiercely to minimize the back-drag, but the coral still caused some skin damage.
    Nice to find this website.


    1. Hi Dereck

      Thanks for the post and humble apologies as I have only just seen it 3 years 0n!!!
      Amazing you were on the Southbank at th time of the loss. I have been in touch with the 2nd lecky Bill ?? who is now in Australia and who wrote a very amusing account of the shipwreck for me. Should you read this, please email me at aar@btopenworld.com as I have trouble navigating this site – as you will have gathered!
      All the very best/Alan


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