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About this site….

This web site was started by me ( Alan Rawlinson) some years ago as a home for pictures related to my sea going career. Later pictures were added from Offshore days in Dubai and other personal career stuff. It has morphed into a site for Bank Line enthusiasts and past members and continues to grow. Ship pictures are always welcome.

The intention is to tidy the site into pure Bank Line related items, and remove the other unrelated items.

My career started in 1951 as an apprentice in the Bankline, joining the old ‘ Forthbank ‘ steamer in Cardiff. Then followed 10 years to Chief Officer on the M.V. Southbank. (before she was wrecked!) and then a career in Sealink and onwards to management abroard in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore in shipping related jobs. In recent years I have penned a couple of books about life at sea in the 1950’s, and these books are called ” Any Budding Sailors?” and ” Merchant navy Apprentice – 1951-1955″. They include an account of time spent on steam ships, motor ships, war built ships, and the passenger ship Inchanga. The books are both in print, and available as ebooks on Amazon, or by following the links on the site.

Please enjoy browsing the site, and feel free to comment!

M.V. Foylebank

M.V. Foylebank sister to M.V. Laganbank (lost in the Maldive Islands) built 1930 by Harland and Wolf in Belfast. At this time and year, Workman and Clark in Belfast were also building 4 twinscrew vessels for Bankline. (Irisbank class).

The Foylebank became a navy vessel in WW2. ( See below). and was lost in Portland Harbour from an attack by 22 Stuka divebombers.
anti aircraft auxiliary in WW2

Rabaul A regular Bank Line port of call. (“The Mother”volcano on the right)

Looking back down on the town from the top of ” The Mother”. Doug Christie from Aberdeen, and the author on the right, both apprentices from the Ernebank in 1953

Rabaul from the air. The ‘Mother’ volcano beyond. A Japanese ship was converted to a wharf used regularly by Bank Line ships loading Copra and produce. The ship had been levelled and was known as ” The Wreck Berth”.

Plaques at the Harmony Street Wharf, New Orleans, and a letter in 1980 from Captain Ward re the familiar river berth….

This regular wharf on the Mississippi was familiar to outward loading vessels and staff. One feature remembered fondly by me was the range of vending machines just inside. Cold fresh milk, snacks of all kinds… was heaven to hungry apprentices. Usually there was a stock of coins in our possession from ports around the globe, and the poor machines got fed with Annas, pesos, yen or any other from a range of exotic currencies. All were tried until the mechanism finally accepted the shape and weight, and Bingo!!!

Levernbank Loss account

M.V. Levernbank
I am always happy when reading the Bank Line forum on SN, it is really enjoyable learning of the experiences of others who served that legendary company. With regard to strandings and losses, I was 5/Eng on the Levernbank when she foundered off Matarani, Peru, back in 1972. I was on watch with the 3/Eng at the time the ship struck rocks during the early hours somewhere around 03.00 hrs. The propeller also hit rocks as the ship turned away which wrapped the blades round the rudder this took the main engine out and that was it. Within what seemed seconds the crew were into their paying off suits, jackets stuffed with cartons of fags, and ready for the off. The crew and those officers who wished to leave the ship were taken ashore by fishing boats. The ship had torn open from the stem back to No2 hold, 23 foot of water in these holds within minutes,these holdswere loaded with bales of paper pulp which started to expand with frequent loud bangs as the ships plates parted, and the tween decks buckled. The deck officers, myself, the second and third engineer stayed on board, keeping pumps and generators running, for the two days she lasted before the Peruvian Navy took her in tow.The Peruvians intended to tow the ship to a suitable place to beach her but the tow parted and she went back ashore close to where she originally grounded.  At the end when Captain Steers gave the oder to abandon ship, the forward deck was almost awash and sitting on the poop you could look over the top of the funnel, time to go, and we were taken off by local fishing boats. The ship had a good crowd onboard, Levernbank on that trip was probably best described as a happy ship with loads of laughs and good humour,as well as hard work, it was such a pity that the voyage ended in this way. As I remember it, Capt Lewis Steers, C/O Harry’Matt’ Dillon,C/Eng Stan Gough 2/Eng Alec Wood ( I don’t speak to junior Engs before 7 AM),3/E Geff Miller 4/E Fred Kennedy, 6/E Arnie Atkinson, 1 EL?. 2 EL Terry? (from cardiff)
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The ship was loaded on the Bay of Bengal West coast S.A. service, we had done what I imagine was the normal run up the coast discharging at Punta Arenas, Valparaiso, Antofagasta and other ports I can’t remember now. 

We had radar problems which were supposed to have been sorted in Durban, but the only real outcome was that the Sparky had his camera pinched by the radar ‘engineer’, and the system went back on the blink as we crossed the bar out of port. 

As I recall, Matarani would’nt accept vessels at night, so the plan was to stop and drift until daylight, seems anchoring was not possible, not sure why but the Chief reckoned the sea was too deep – don’t know myself. Anyway as we tracked along up the coast there seems to have been an understimation of our actual distance from shore. The turn to seaward to drift was interrupted by a bump, which I took to be a collision with a fishing boat but which was in fact our first contact with the Peruvian mainland, the engine was still full ahead at this time, when we suddenly got standby followed immediately a double full astern ring followed, and then by a major bang and the engine stopped dead. I ran down the tunnel to see the tail shaft about three feet out of line with the last two bearing pedestals tipped over by about 30 degrees. I reported this to the second who condsidered the best thing to do was put the kettle on!

When dawn broke and all was revealed, the ship was inside a small cove and was a perfect fit, couldn’t have got it in there if you wanted to. The cove or inlet I suppose was enclosed by high cliffs upon which were stood several of the local population taking the michael. 

A tug was sent from the port to assist but went off in the wrong direction, a couple of distress rockets soon had it coming our way. The tug towed the ship out to deeper water where we attempted to asses damage and keep the ship afloat in the vain hope that assistance was a realistic prospect – it wasn’t. The ship was abandoned aboard local small anchovy fishing boats, and so onwards and upwards after an enforced stay in Peru whilst our illegal immigrant status was resolved ( all discharge books etc, including the overtime records were lost). Finally, I must agree wiith Marconi Sahib – Harry Dillon was indeed a top bloke.


The Ship List – early fleet of Bank Line ships and their fate……

The Fleets

Andrew Weir & Co. / Bank Line

Andrew Weir entered the shipowning business in 1885 in Glasgow when he purchased the barque WILLOWBANK and eventually controlled one of the largest fleets of sailing ships under the British flag. In 1896 the company purchased their first steamship, but it was 1912 before the last sailing ship was sold. In 1905 the company was registered as Bank Line and the head office was moved to London, although the ships continued to be registered in Glasgow. 
In 1917 the United Baltic Corporation was formed with 50% of the shares held by Andrew Weir & Co. and 50% by East Asiatic Co., Copenhagen. However, this was managed as a seperate company and is the subject of another fleet list. 
The tanker trade was entered in 1920 with the establishment of the British-Mexican Petroleum Co. and this passed into the control of Andrew Weir & Co. in 1930 and subsequently became part of the Anglo-American Oil Co. Motorships were built from 1923 for the service between Rangoon and South Africa with accommodation for 12-1st, 20-2nd and 400-emigrant class passengers. In 1925 a French subsidiary was formed and named Cie. Venture-Weir S.A, Paris and operated services between Antwerp, Dunkirk, Havre, Bordeaux and West African ports. However, by 1928 this company returned to the oil distribution trade. In 1925 the Lago Shipping Co. was established to ship crude oil from Lake Maracaibo to the refineries at Aruba, but control of this company passed to F. J. Wolfe in 1936. The service between Calcutta, Rangoon, Colombo and South Africa was taken over from Bullard, King & Co. in 1933 and became known as the India Natal Line. Ships on this service had accommodation for 50-1st, 20-2nd and facilities for 500 native passengers. In 1935 MacAndrews & Co. were taken over by United Baltic Corporation, which allowed access to the Spanish trade. Many of the company’s ships were lost in WWII but were rapidly replaced after the war and the company continued to expand. It is one of the widest ranging shipping companies in the world and is still trading successfully. 

Sailing Ships | Steam & Motor Ships | Managed Ships 
Subsidiaries | British-Mexican Petroleum | Compagnie Venture-Weir | Inver Tankers | Lago Shipping

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

Routes (not a complete listing):

  • 1905 American & Indian Line – Calcutta, Chittagong, Rangoon, Colombo to Boston, New York and Philadelphia.
  •          American & Indian Branch Service – Rangoon, Chittagong, Madras, Madras Coast, Colombo, Malabar Coast, Aden, Port Sudan to Boston, New York & Philadelphia.
  • 1914 American & Oriental Line – New York to Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, Philippines, China & Japan.
  • 1904 American & Rio Plata Line – New York to Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Rosario and Bahia Blanca.
  •          Bombay American Line – Bombay to New York & Philadelphia.
  • 191? Calcutta to River Plate Ports – Calcutta to Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Rosario and Bahia Blanca.
  • 1911 Indian African Line (Cargo and passengers) – Rangoon, Calcutta, Colombo, Beira, Delagia Bay, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Mossel bay & Cape Town.
  •          Indian Chilian Line – Calcutta, Rangoon, Singapore to West Coast of South America.
  • 1912 Oriental African Line (Cargo and Passengers) – Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore to Mauritius, Delagoa bay, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, Cape Town.
  • 191? Persian Gulf – Busreh & Bushire to UK and Continent.
  • 1907 Australasia – Chile & Peru. 
  • 1928 Persian Gulf – South African Line 
  • 1933 India – Natal Line 
  • 1936 Gulf – Australasia Line 
  • 1988 East Africa – Eastern Seaboard of U.S.A.
Bank Line – Buff with black top
Compagnie Venture-Weir – Black with broad white band with VW
Fleet:Bank LineCompagnie Venture-Weir
Sailing Ships
VesselBuiltYears in ServiceTons
Abeona1867barque, 1888 purchased from J & A. Allan, Glasgow, 1900 wrecked Cape Recife.1,004
Allegiance1876barque, 1897 purchased from M. E. Morgan, Liverpool, 1900 abandoned on fire in South Atlantic with general cargo and gunpowder.1,236
Anne Main1867barque, 1886 purchased from T. Skinner & Co., Glasgow, 1896 wrecked Goto Island.499
Ashbank (1)1891barque, 1892 went missing at sea on voyage Algoa Bay to Newcastle, NSW.2,292
Beechbank (1)1892barque, 1913 sold to E. Monsen & Co., Norway.2,288
Castlebank1894barque, 1896 went missing at sea on voyage Newcastle, NSW to Valparaiso.1,656
Cedarbank (1)1892barque, 1913 sold to E. Monsen & Co., Norway.2,825
Clydebank (1)1877barque, 1895 purchased from G. G. Macfarlane & Co., Glasgow, 1901 sold to Paolo & Luigi Consigliere, Italy renamed Nostro Padre.893
Collessie1891barque, 1895 purchased from G. G. Macfarlane & Co., Glasgow, 1901 wrecked near Itata River, Chile.1,465
Comliebank (1)1890barque, 1913 sold to E. Monsen & Co., Norway.2,283
David Morgan1891barque, 1896 purchased from H. O. Morgan, Liverpool, 1898 went missing on voyage Philadelphia to Nagasaki.1,566
Dunbritton1875barque, 1891 purchased from J & A. Allan, Glasgow, 1906 sank in North Sea after being dismasted.1,536
Ellisland1884barque, 1908 purchased from John Houston & Co., Liverpool, 1910 went missing on voyage Newcastle, NSW to Caldera.2,426
Elmbank (1)1890barque, 1894 wrecked on Isle of Arran after breaking loose from towing tug.2,188
Falklandbank1894ship, 1907 went missing at sea on voyage Port Talbot to Valparaiso.1,913
Fernbank1892barque, 1902 wrecked in Mozambique Channel.1,429
Forthbank (1)1877barque, ex- Nebo, 1894 purchased from Grangemouth Dockyard Co. after repair, renamed Forthbank, 1909 sold to Risso y Campodonico, Peru renamed Leonida.1,442
Francis Thorpe1868ship, 1888 purchased from R. Barr & Co., Glasgow, 1890 wrecked at Salinas Cruz.1,257
Gantock Rock1879ship, 1900 purchased from J. Dawson, Glasgow, 1909 sold to J. A. Henschien & Co., Norway.1,611
Gifford (1)1892barque, 1898 purchased from Briggs, Harvie & Co., Glasgow, 1903 wrecked on Mussel Rock, near San Francisco.2,245
Glenbreck1890barque, 1900 purchased from W. Thorburn, Greenock, 1900 sold to Malcolm & Rowar, Glasgow.1,900
Gowanbank (1)1891barque, 1896 abandoned off Cape Horn.2,288
Hawthornbank1889barque, 1910 sold to J. A. Henschein & Co., Norway.1,369
Hazelbank (1)1889barque, 1890 wrecked on Goodwin Sands.1,660
Heathbank1894barque, 1900 went missing at sea on voyage Rio de Janeiro to Newcastle, NSW.1,661
Isle of Arran1892ship, 1895 purchased from W. Jeffrey & Co., Glasgow, 1915 sold to Robert Thomas & Co., Liverpool.1,918
Laurelbank (1)1893barque, 1898 went missing at sea on voyage Shanghai to Portland, Oregon.2,397
Levernbank (1)1893barque, 1904 abandoned 300 miles west of the Scillies after dismasting.2,400
Loch Eck1874barque, 1894 purchased from J. Wilson, Glasgow, 1895 sold to Cia. Espiodatora de Lota y Coronel, Chile renamed Adriana.1,701
Loch Ranza1875barque, 1897 purchased from J. Wilson, Glasgow, 1901 sold to J. Johanson & Co., Norway renamed Abyssinia.1,129
Marion Frazer1892barque, 1911 purchased from Marion Ballantyne Ship Co., Liverpool after fire damage for use as a hulk.2,396
Mennock1879barque, 1893 purchased from Bramwell & Gardiner, London, 1909 hulked at Valparaiso, 1916 sold to Borquez y Cia, Chile renamed Don Agusto.822
Oakbank (1)1892barque, 1900 wrecked on Serrano Island, near Iquique.1,429
Olivebank (1)1892barque, 1913 sold to E. Monsen & Co., Norway.2,824
Perseverance (1)1896ship, 1900 went missing on voyage Probolingo, Java to Newcastle, NSW.1,900
Philadelphia1892ship, 1912 purchased from F. A. Pust, Germany, 1915 sold to E. Monsen & Co., Norway.1,805
Pomona1867barque, 1902 abandoned in Atlantic. 1,252
Poseidon1881ship, 1908 purchased from R. Hodgens, Swansea after fire damage for use as a hulk.1,771
River Falloch1884ship, 1891 purchased from W. D. Denny, Glasgow, 1909 sold to S. Bruusgaard, Norway renamed Avenir.1,637
Sardanha1885barque, 1890 purchased from W & J. Crawford, Greenock, 1911 sold to S. Bruusgaard, Norway.1,146
Springbank (1)1894barque, 1913 sold to E. Monsen & Co., Norway.2,398
Thistlebank1891barque, 1914 sold to E. Monsen & Co., Norway.2,430
Thornliebank (1)1886barque, 1891 sold to J & W. Bateman and hulked at Fremantle after fire at Perth.1,405
Thornliebank (2)1896ship, 1913 wrecked on Scilly Isles.1,969
Trafalgar1877ship, 1893 purchased from A. Brown & Co., Glasgow, 1904 wrecked 50 miles south of Recife.1,768
Trongate1878barque, 1891 purchased from W. D. Denny, Glasgow, 1909 hulked at Valparaiso, 1917 sold to Borquez y Cia, Chile renamed Luis A. Goni.987
Willowbank1861barque, 1885 purchased from J. F. Gibb & Co., London, 1895 sunk in collision off Portland, UK.882
Steam and Motor Ships
VesselBuiltYears in ServiceTons
Adato18991909 wrecked on Oshima, Japan.3,347
Alert18551898 purchased from Hull & Netherlands SS Co., Hull, 1899 sold to G. Garscaddon, London.327
Alynbank19251941 requisitioned by MOWT and used as auxiliary anti-aircraft ship, 1944 sunk as part of Gooseberry Harbour off Normandy beachhead.5,151
Araybank19401941 bombed and sunk by German aircraft at Suda Bay, Crete, 1947 salvaged and repaired, sold to Achille Lauro, Italy renamed Napoli.7,258
Arunbank1983ex- Bratsk, 1995 purchased from Russian Far East Fleet renamed Arunbank, 2002 still in service.18,663
Ashbank (2)19591976 sold to Crest Shipping Ltd, Liberia renamed Newcrest.8,694
Avonbank19611977 sold to Evolution Maritime S.A, Panama renamed Fortune Star.6,434
Aymeric (1)19051918 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.634,363
Aymeric (2)1919launched as War Nemesia but completed as Aymeric, 1943 torpedoed and sunk by U.6575,196
Barneson1914tanker, 1915 renamed Oyleric, 1937 sold to Ditta G. M. Barbagelata, Italy renamed Genoano.6,051
Beaverbank (1)19531970 sold to Crystal Blue Shipping Co., Greece renamed Eratini.5,690
Beaverbank (2)19741981 sold to Comercial Litania, Greece renamed Sanjohn Bay.11,452
Beechbank (2)19651979 sold to Efbridge Shipping Co., Greece renamed Schinias.7,355
Birchbank (1)19241943 bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Algeria.5,151
Birchbank (2)1951BIRCHBANK (2) 1951 6,450 tons, ex- Benvannoch, 1946 purchased from Ben Line Steamers Ltd (W. Thomson & Co.), Leith renamed Birchbank, 1952 sold to Kato Sempaku KK, Japan renamed Shunkei Maru.6,450
Birchbank (3)19581970 sold to Holy Peacefulness Shipping Co., Greece renamed Chrysovalandou.8,523
Birchbank (4)19731981 sold to Larousse Shipping Corp, Liberia renamed California.11,452
Boveric (1)18981900 sold to W. H. Smith & Sons, Melbourne.3,987
Boveric (2)19061923 sold to Dairen Towa Kisen KK, Japan renamed Toshin Maru.4,445
Burnock18901899 purchased from Rowan & Bain, Ayr, 1915 sold to James McKelvie, Edinburgh renamed Temaire.425
Cabarita19151930 purchased from Austral-China Navigation Co., Sydney, NSW, 1952 sold to United Oriental SS Co., Pakistan renamed Maulabaksh.4,364
Caloric19141917 purchased from W. Jebsen, Norway, 1919 resold to W. Jebsen, Norway.7,012
Capafricsee Madawaska.
Carronbank19571974 sold to Tafimar Nav. Co., Cyprus renamed Aris Carrier.6,461
Cedarbank (2)19241940 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.265,151
Cedarbank (3)19551973 sold to Jacaransa Shipping Co., Cyprus renamed Pola Monika.5,671
Cedarbank (4)19761983 sold to Harrier Maritime Inc, Greece renamed Elly.11,282
Cloverbank (1)19571970 sold to Pacific International Line, Singapore renamed Kota Rakyat.6,459
Cloverbank (2)19731977 renamed Siena, 1978 renamed Cloverbank, 1981 sold to Matra Shipping Corp, Liberia renamed Colorado.11,452
Clydebank (2)19251959 scrapped.5,156
Clydebank (3)19742000 scrapped India.11,405
Comeric (1)18981916 sold to Christian Salvesen & Co., Leith.3,980
Comeric (2)1919launched as War Jasper, completed as Comeric, 1935 sold to Counties Ship Management Co., London renamed Hampton Hill.6,701
Comliebank (2)19241959 scrapped.5,149
Congella1914ex- Mindoro, 1933 purchased from Phoenix Navigation Co., London renamed Congella, 1943 shelled and sunk by Japanese submarine I.104,533
Corabank (1)1932tanker, 1937 sold to Nippon Sekiyu KK, Japan renamed Rikko Maru.8,898
Corabank (2)1944ex- Samfleet, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Corabank, 1959 sold to Verder & Co., Hong Kong renamed Santa Granda.7,234
Corabank (3)19731984 sold to Naviera Universal, Peru renamed Unicosta.11,405
Crestbank (1)19571973 sold to Black Lion Shipping Co., Greece renamed Rena K.6,459
Crestbank (2)19781986 sold to Tamahine Shipping Co., London renamed Tamathai.12,238
Croydon18981901 purchased from Houlder, Middleton & Co., London, 1914 wrecked at Barbuda.3,757
Dacebank19791987 sold to Leond Maritime Inc, Greece renamed Anna L.12,214
Dartbank19581975 sold to Ceylon Shipping Corp., Sri Lanka renamed Lanka Keerti.6,461
Deebank19291955 sold to Transportes Maritimos Atlantida, Panama renamed Deelock.5,060
Desabla1913tanker, 1915 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.176,047
Dunafric1909ex- Lidvard, 1927 purchased from L. Kloster, Norway renamed Dunafric, 1936 scrapped.3,489
Duneric18961916 sold to Calypso Co., London.1,878
Eastbank19471965 sold to Bordagain Shipping Co., Liberia renamed Bordazuri.5,947
Edenbank1943ex- Samtroy, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Edenbank, 1960 sold to Republic of China renamed Hoping San Shi Wu.7,265
Elleric18971916 sold to Christian Salvesen & Co., Leith.3,570
Elmbank (2)19251940 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.995,156
Elmbank (3)19601977 sold to Maritime Corp., Greece renamed Blue Wave.6,449
Elveric1919ex- War Capitol, 1919 purchased from the Shipping Controller renamed Elveric, 1933 sold to Kassos S.N. Co., Greece renamed Kassos.5,685
Ericbank1944ex- Sameveron, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Ericbank, 1959 sold to Republic of China renamed Nan Hai 1467,274
Ernebank (1)19371963 scrapped.5,388
Ernebank (2)19651979 sold to Family Unity Shipping Co., Greece renamed Family Unity.7,355
Eskbank19371961 sold to Singapore renamed Hsin Ann.5,137
Etivebank1945ex- Empire Aden, 1948 purchased from MOWT renamed Etivebank, 1955 sold to Alcyone Shipping Co., London renamed Alcyone Fortune.7,308
Ettrickbank19371962 scrapped.5,138
Fenbank19781984 sold to Fafalios Shipping, Greece renamed Venetico.12,238
Firbank (1)19571973 sold to Faith Maritime Co., Cyprus renamed Aegis Beauty.6,318
Firbank (2)19761977 renamed Sibonga, 1979 renamed Firbank, 1983 sold to Nemo Nav. Corp, Greece renamed Maraki.11,282
Fleetbank (1)19531970 sold to Lalis & Boudros, Greece renamed Lady Ute.5,690
Fleetbank (2)19721981 sold to Normandy Shipping Corp, Liberia renamed Florida.11,452
Forafric1909ex- Landvard, 1927 purchased from L. Kloster, Norway renamed Forafric, 1935 sold to Williamson & Co., Hong Kong.3,475
Foreric (1)18981916 sold to Bathampton S.N. Co., Cardiff.3,987
Foreric (2)1918ex- Verentia, 1926 purchased from Cunard Line renamed Foreric, 1927 sold to Buenos Ayres Great Southern Railway Co., London renamed Galvan.5,185
Forresbank (1)19251958 abandoned on fire while 150 miles south of Durban, drifted ashore and total loss.5,155
Forresbank (2)19621978 sold to Hertford Nav. Co., Cyprus renamed Veesky.6,357
Forthbank (2)19291953 sold to Adriatico Tirreno Jonio Ligure, Italy renamed Potestas.5,057
Forthbank (3)19732000 sold to Botany Bay management Services, Sydney renamed Pacific Emerald.11,405
Foylebank (1)19301939 requisitioned by the Admiralty, converted to anti-aircraft ship, 1940 bombed and sunk at Portland.5,583
Foylebank (2)19551973 sold to Patroclos Shipping Co., Cyprus renamed Patroclos.5,671
Foylebank (3)1983ex- Tiksi, 1995 purchased from Russian Far East Fleet renamed Foylebank, 2002 still in service.18,663
Garrybank19581974 sold to Lee Lai Maritime S.A, Panama renamed Chieh Sheng.8,694
Gifford (2)19111913 sold to Union S.S. Co. of New Zealand, renamed Waitomo.4,214
Gifford (3)19131914 interned at Hamburg on outbreak of war, 1915 renamed Gifhorn.5,119
Glenardle19211932 purchased from Easton, Greig & Co., Glasgow, 1938 sold to Muhip Ozyigit, Turkey renamed Bakir.4,584
Glenbank19241959 scrapped.5,151
Gowanbank (2)19681979 sold to Ogdoon Corp, Greece renamed Kavo Grossos.7,607
Gujarat (1)1895ex- Vincent, 1913 purchased from Booth Line renamed Gujarat, 1919 sold to N. H. Nemazee, Hong Kong renamed Gorjistan.4,482
Gujarat (2)19231957 sold to Singapore renamed Everlife.4,148
Gymeric (1)18991910 sold after stranding to Essajee Tajbhoy, Bombay.4,002
Gymeric (2)19171938 sold to Corrado S.A. di Nav. Italy renamed Cesco.6,138
Haleric1918ex- War Sparrow, 1919 purchased from the Shipping Controller renamed Haleric, 1933 struck a reef in Saldanha Bay and sank.5,238
Hazelbank (2)1941ex- Empire Franklin, 1945 purchased from MOWT renamed Hazelbank, 1957 sold to Cia. Naviera Nuevo Mundi, Panama renamed Irinicos.7,289
Hazelbank (3)19641979 sold to Alciana Bay Shipping Co., Greece renamed Argonaut.7,597
Hollybank (1)1942ex- Empire Southey, 1946 purchased from MOWT renamed Hollybank, 1953 sold to Halcyon Line, Netherlands renamed Stad Rotterdam.7,041
Hollybank (2)19641979 sold to Atticksky Cia. Maritime, Greece renamed Nikitas F.6,163
Homeric1897ex- Anaces, 1899 purchased from G. T. Soley & Co., Liverpool renamed Homeric, 1901 sold to Larrinaga & Co., Liverpool renamed Bernilla.2,535
Huntscape1911ex- Pindos (Deutsche Levant Line), 1914 seized by Britain, 1916 purchased from the Admiralty renamed Huntscape, 1916 sold to Elder Dempster Ltd.2,933
Inchanga1934passenger ship, 1964 scrapped.7,069
Incomati1934passenger ship, 1943 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.5087,369
Inverbank (1)19241958 sold to Frassinetti & C. S.A, di Nav, Italy renamed La Liguria.5,149
Inverbank (2)19621978 sold to Loutra Maritime Corp, Greece renamed Irini G.F.6,313
Inveric19011921 sold to T. Yamamoto, Japan renamed Asama Maru.4,789
Irisbank (1)19301961 scrapped.5,626
Irisbank (2)19641979 sold to Ormond Bay Shipping Co., Greece renamed Oceanaut.7,597
Isipingo1934passenger ship, 1964 scrapped.7,069
Ivybank (1)1943ex- Samyork, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Ivybank, 1959 sold to Panamanian Oriental SS Corp., Panama renamed Winona.7,256
Ivybank (2)19741998 spld to Josef Roth Reederei, Hamburg renamed Pro Pacifica.11,405
Jeseric19021925 transferred to Cie. Venture-Weir, France renamed Rivafric, 1926 scrapped.4,816
Katanga19011916 sold to Christian Salvesen & Co., Leith.3,316
Kathiawar19241937 wrecked on Goa Island Reef, Mozambique.4,150
Kelvinbank (1)1921ex- Daga, 1934 purchased from British & Burmese S.N. Co., Glasgow renamed Kelvinbank, 1943 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.5103,872
Kelvinbank (2)1943ex- Samuta, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Kelvinbank, 1953 ran aground at Sydney Point, Ocean Island, refloated but holed and abandoned.7,269
Kumeric19061927 sold to T. G. Cerruti & Cia, Argentina after collision damage in River Plate.6,232
Laganbank (1)19301938 wrecked on Maldive Islands.5,583
Laganbank (2)19551973 sold to Tower Shipping Co., Cyprus renamed Pola Anna.5,671
Laganbank (3)19781981 sold to Burnham Shipping Corp, Greece renamed Amphion.11,213
Larchbank (1)19251943 torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I.275,150
Larchbank (2)19611978 sold to Nan Chiao Shipping, Singapore renamed New Lark.6,354
Laurelbank (2)19631979 sold to Brethelmans Shipping Co., Greece renamed Vali Pero.6,167
Levernbank (2)19251958 scrapped.5,150
Levernbank (3)19611973 stranded in fog near Matarani, Peru, refloated but drifted ashore and sank.6,434
Lindenbank (1)19301939 stranded on Arena Island, Sulu Sea, refloated but sank.5,057
Lindenbank (2)19611975 wrecked off Fanning Island, Pacific.6,351
Lochybank1945ex- Empire Honduras, 1948 purchased from MOWT renamed Lochybank, 1954 sold to Halcyon Line, Netherlands renamed Stad Haarlem.7,320
Lossiebank (1)19301962 scrapped.5,626
Lossiebank (2)19631979 sold to Evoicos Gulf Shipping Co., Greece renamed Evoicos Gulf.6,291
Luceric (1)19101916 sold to Cunard Line, Liverpool renamed Valacia.6,526
Luceric (2)1919launched as War Agate but completed as Luceric, 1938 wrecked in River Ganges.6,672
Luxmi19241961 scrapped.4,148
Madawaska19021912 purchased from North Atlantic SS Co., Bristol, 1925 transferred to Cie. Venture-Weir, France renamed Capafric, 1928 scrapped.4,120
Mansuri18941915 purchased from Bombay & Persia S.N. Co., Bombay, 1916 went missing on voyage South Shields to St. Nazaire.3,227
Maplebank (1)1943ex- Samwash, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Maplebank, 1957 sold to West Africa Nav. Co., Liberia renamed African Lord.7,270
Maplebank (2)19671979 sold to Enaton Corp, Greece renamed Kavo Yossonas.7,607
Marabank (1)1944ex- Samouse, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Marabank, 1960 sold to Bertorello Febo Amedeo Soc., Italy renamed Ruscin.7,269
Marabank (2)19631978 sold to Franicons Cia. Nav., Greece renamed Good Lady.5,969
Marabank (3)see Olivebank (4)
Meadowbank (1)19451963 sold to Nationalist China renamed Hsing Yung.7,307
Meadowbank (2)19731985 renamed Toana Niugini, 1987 sold to Josef Roth Reederei, Hamburg renamed Pro Atlantica.11,405
Minchbank19581974 sold to Imperiana Transport Ltd, Cyprus renamed Aegis Grace.8,694
Mineric19091933 sold to China Trading Corp., China renamed China Importer.4,713
Miramichi19021912 purchased from North Atlantic SS Co., Bristol, 1916 sold to W. Gowan, Cape Town after fire and beaching at Mombasa.3,624
Monadnock19021912 purchased from North Atlantic SS Co., Bristol, 1925 transferred to Cie. Venture-Weir, France renamed Monafric, 1927 sold to S. Censini, Italy renamed Pasqua.4,275
Monafricsee Monadnock.
Moraybank (1)19451962 sold to Mullion & Co., Hong Kong renamed Ardrowan.7,307
Moraybank (2)19731984 renamed Toana Papua, 1986 renamed Moraybank, 1987 renamed Toana Papua, 1987 renamed Moraybank, 1998 scrapped Alang, India.11,405
Myrtlebank19251960 scrapped.5,150
Nairnbank (1)19251953 sold to Moller Line UK, London renamed Blyth Explorer.5,156
Nairnbank (2)19661979 sold to Gulf Ltd, London renamed Gulf Hawk.7,604
Naneric1895ex- Aotea, 1912 purchased from Shaw, Savill & Albion Line renamed Naneric, 1925 sold to A. Ardito, Italy renamed Ballari.5,609
Nessbank (1)19531973 sold to Paris Shipping Co., Cyprus renamed Paris.5,690
Nessbank (2)19771981 sold to Buckingham Maritime Corp, Greece renamed Alkaios.11,231
Northbank19571973 sold to Tudor Shipping Co., Cyprus renamed Aegis Lion.8,504
Oakbank (2)19261942 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.5075,154
Oakbank (3)19631978 sold to Xerefon Shipping Co., Greece renamed Good Spirit.6,167
Oceano19001917 wrecked Kandafuri Island on voyage Port Said to Calcutta.4,657
Olivebank (2)19261954 sold to Moller Line UK, London renamed Blyth Navigator.5,154
Olivebank (3)19621978 sold to Good Companion Shipping Co., Panama renamed Golden Lagos.6,461
Olivebank (4)1977ex- Nara, 1986 chartered from Chargeurs Reunis, France renamed Marabank, 1987 sold to Greece renamed Christine I, 1989 chartered to Deutsche Afrika Line renamed Rickmers Nanjing, 1990 purchased by Bank Line, Panama registry renamed Olivebank, 1999 scrapped India.17,006
Orteric (1)19111915 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.396,535
Orteric (2)1919launched as War Coral but completed as Orteric, 1922 wrecked 50 miles North of Point Reyes.6,696
Oylericsee Barneson.
Perseverance (2)18841900 purchased from Hewett & Co., London, 1903 wrecked near Hartlepool.253
Pikebank19791987 sold to Lefkada Nav. Co., Cyprus renamed Westman.12,214
Pinebank19591976 sold to Ark Shipping Ltd, Liberia renamed Newark.8,694
Poleric1900ex- Albania, 1912 purchased from Cunard SS Co. renamed Poleric, 1929 scrapped.6,182
Quito19001915 sold to Hopeside Steam Shipping Co., Newcastle.3,358
Ricardo A. Mestres1914tanker, 1914 purchased from Consolidated Goldfields of South Africa Ltd, London, 1919 renamed Wyneric, 1937 sold to Stevinson, Hardy & Co., London renamed Bratton.4,468
Rivafricsee Jeseric.
Riverbank (1)19571974 sold to Guan Guan Shipping, Singapore renamed Golden Season.6,318
Riverbank (2)19771983 sold to Dartmoor Shipping Corp, Liberia renamed Indiana.11,281
Roachbank19791987 sold to Kawasaki KK Line, Tokyo renamed Devo.12,214
Rosebank19591976 sold to Transocean Shipping Co., Liberia renamed Newbreeze.8,694
Roseric19101931 scrapped Japan.4,738
Rowanbank (1)1919ex- King Howel, 1937 purchased from King Line Ltd, London renamed Rowanbank, 1941 sunk by air attack in Atlantic.5,102
Rowanbank (2)1943ex- Sampford, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Rowanbank, 1959 sold to Taiship Co., Hong Kong renamed Taiwind.7,262
Rowanbank (3)19631979 sold to Ladyflora Shipping Co., Greece renamed Lendoudis Kiki.6,169
Roybank (1)19441962 sold to Transportes Maritimos Mundiales, Liberia renamed Silver Lake.7,368
Roybank (2)19631979 sold to Cynthos Maritime Co., Cyprus renamed Castor.6,378
Ruby18881898 purchased from W. Robertson, Glasgow, 1905 sank in Firth of Forth after collision with s/s PRUDHOE CASTLE.481
Ruddbank19791983 sold to Lamport & Holt Line, Liverpool renamed Romney.12,214
Salamis18991912 purchased from Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line, Aberdeen, 1919 sold to Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal renamed Kamarima.4,510
Shielbank1945ex- Empire Takoradi, 1948 purchased from MOWT renamed Shielbank, 1956 sold to Cia. de Nav. Andes, Panama renamed Asteropes.7,318
Shirrabank (1)19401963 scrapped.7,274
Shirrabank (2)19661981 sold to Cape Jervis Shipping Corp., Liberia renamed Al Baseer.7,591
Sibongasee Firbank (2)
Sienasee Cloverbank (2)
Solafric1909ex- Folkvard, 1927 purchased from L. Kloster, Norway renamed Solafric, 1935 scrapped.3,487
Southbank19481964 ran aground on Washington Island and broke in two.5,947
Speybank (1)19261941 captured by German auxiliary cruiser ATLANTIS and taken to Bordeaux, renamed Doggerbank, 1943 torpedoed and sunk in error by German submarine U.435,154
Speybank (2)19621978 sold to Franicons Cia. Nav., Greece renamed Good Transporter.6,245
Speybank (3)1983ex- Okha, 1995 purchased from Russian Far East Fleet renamed Speybank, 2002 still in service.18,663
Springbank (2)19261939 requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to fighter catapult ship, 1941 torpedoed by German submarine U.201, abandoned and subsequently sunk by HMS JASMINE.5,155
Springbank (3)1944ex- Samspelga, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Springbank, 1958 sold to Canton Shipping Co., China renamed Nan Hai 1427,248
Springbank (4)19621978 sold to Transorient Freight Transport, Liberia renamed Global Med.6,461
Sprucebank19641979 sold to Delicia Shipping Co., Cyprus renamed Bristol.6,163
Streambank (1)19581971 sold to RI Shipping Ltd. London renamed Fernmoor.8,520
Streambank (2)19771983 sold to Seanaut Shipping Inc, Greece renamed Argonaftis.11,281
Surat (1)18951913 purchased from Bucknall SS Line, London, 1926 scrapped.4,495
Surat (2)1917ex- Betwa, 1927 purchased from Nourse Line Ltd, London renamed Surat, 1935 scrapped.3,819
Suveric19061929 sold to A. Bernstein, Germany renamed Lahnstein.6,235
Taybank (1)19301961 scrapped.5,626
Taybank (2)19631978 sold to Good Breeze Inc., Greece renamed Good Breeze.7,359
Teakbank19581975 sold to Mid East Shipping Inc, Liberia renamed Newton.8,474
Teesbank19371942 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.1285,136
Teignbank1984ex- Nikel, 1995 purchased from Russian Far East Fleet renamed Teignbank, 2002 still in service.18,663
Tenchbank19791986 chartered to Germany renamed Als Strength, 1987 renamed Tenchbank, 1987 sold to Starco Shipping Co., Greece renamed Eastman.12,214
Testbank (1)19371943 sunk at Bari when a nearby ammunition ship exploded.5,083
Testbank (2)19611978 sold to Convington Shipping Co., Greece renamed Bessie.6,313
Teviotbank (1)19381955 sold to Cia. de Nav. Nella, Panama renamed Nella.5,087
Teviotbank (2)19671979 sold to Saturnia Shipping Corp, Liberia renamed Teviotban.7,591
Thornliebank (3)19391941 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.435,569
Thursobank19401942 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.3735,575
Tielbank (1)19371941 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.1245,083
Tielbank (2)1942ex- Samburgh, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Tielbank, 1960 sold to F. A. Bertorelli, Italy renamed Giacomo.7,247
Tinhow (1)19061913 sold to Cuba renamed Chaparra.1,510
Tinhow (2)1913ex- Hughli, 1927 purchased from Nourse Line, London renamed Tinhow, 1943 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.1815,232
Titanbank1944ex- Samnegros, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Titanbank, 1959 sold to Wheelock, Marden & Co., Panama renamed Lucina.7,247
Toana Niuginisee Meadowbank (2)
Toana Papuasee Moraybank (2)
Trentbank (1)19291942 sunk by air attack off Algeria.5,060
Trentbank (2)19621964 collided with Portuguese tanker FOGO near Alexandria, taken in tow but later sank.6,366
Troutbank19791987 sold to Aegeus Shipping Inc, Greece renamed Brij.12,214
Tweedbank (1)19301960 scrapped.5,626
Tweedbank (2)19641979 sold to Good Lion Inc., Greece renamed Good Lion.7,359
Tymeric (1)19011914 captured and sunk by German cruiser EMDEN near Colombo.3,314
Tymeric (2)1919launched as War Mammoth but completed as Tymeric, 1940 torpedoed and sunk by U.1235,228
Tynebank19341955 sold to Williamson & Co., Hong Kong renamed Inchjura.4,651
Wavebank19591976 sold to Tide Shipping Ltd, Liberia renamed Newtide.8,473
Weirbank (1)19251942 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.1555,150
Weirbank (2)19611978 sold to Crizayan Shipping, Greece renamed Saronic Sky.6,354
Westbank19481965 sold to Katani Shipping Co., Greece renamed Simba.5,947
Weybank (1)19451962 sold to Pacific Overseas Nav. Corp., Liberia renamed Silver Moon.7,368
Weybank (2)19641979 sold to Chung Hsing Shipping Co., Panama renamed Golden Nigeria.6,378
Willowbank (2)19391940 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.465,041
Willowbank (3)1944ex- Samwye, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Willowbank, 1956 sold to Puerto Barrios Cia. Nav, Liberia renamed Cavala.7,288
Willowbank (4)19601978 sold to Kea Shipping Ltd, Cyprus renamed Veestar.6,335
Willowbank (5)19801988 sold to Austasia Line, Singapore renamed Mandowi.18,236
Wyneric (1)1894ex- Dutch Prince, 1900 purchased from Prince Line renamed Wyneric, 1913 went missing on voyage Baltimore to Barbados and Guayaquil, Ecuador with cargo of coal and dynamite.4,992
Wyneric (2)see Ricardo A. Mestres.
Yeddo19011915 captured by German submarine U.34 and sunk with bombs.4,563
Yewbank19591974 sold to Kidandra Shipping Ltd, Cyprus renamed Capetan Costas.8,473
Yoseric (1)19081909 beached at Mocha Island after striking a wreck, total loss.4,463
Yoseric (2)1919ex- War Parrot, 1919 purchased from the Shipping Controller renamed Yoseric, 1936 sold to Glenfield Syndicate, London renamed Ena G.5,240
Ships Managed for the British Government
VesselBuiltYears in ServiceTons
Empire Adensee Etivebank, 1946-1948 managed for MOWT
Empire Attendant1921ex- Domala, 1940 taken over by MOWT from British India S.N. Co. renamed Empire Attendant, 1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.5827,524
Empire Beaconsfield19431943 management transferred to Constants Ltd, Cardiff.2,905
Empire Bronze19401943 management transferred to Anglo-American Oil Co.8,142
Empire City19431944 torpedoed and sunk by U.1987,295
Empire Franklinsee Hazelbank (2), 1945 managed for MOWT
Empire Heron1920ex- Mosella, 1941 purchased from U.S. Maritime Commission renamed Empire Heron, 1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.5686,023
Empire Hondurassee Lochybank, 1946-1948 managed for MOWT
Empire Marvell19421945 management transferred to Hunting & Son, Newcastle.9,812
Empire Miniver1918ex- West Cobalt, 1940 taken over from U.S. Shipping Board by MOWT managed by Andrew Weir & Co. renamed Empire Miniver. 18th Oct.1940 torpedoed and sunk by U.99 NW of Ireland, 250 miles from Rathlin Head.6,055
Empire Oryx1919ex- West Harshaw, 1940 purchased by MOWT from Lykes Bros, USA renamed Empire Oryx, 1941 renamed Empire Robin, 1942 sold to Netherlands Shipping & Trading Committee, renamed Ferdinand Bol.5,704
Empire Ridley1941ex- HMS Latimer, 1945 transferred from The Admiralty renamed Empire Ridley, 1946 management transferred to Marine Contractors Ltd, Southampton.6,987
Empire Robinsee Empire Oryx.
Empire Southeysee Hollybank (1), 1944-1946 managed for MOWT
Empire Steel19411942 torpedoed and sunk by U.1238,138
Empire Takoradisee Shielbank, 1946-1948 managed for MOWT
Empire Teviot1927ex- Mathias Stinnes, 1945 war reparations, 1946 transferred to U.S.S.R renamed Akademik Krilov.5,337
Fort Panmure1943chartered by MOWT from U.S. War Shipping Administration, 1946 sold to Canadian Governmaent, 1947 renamed Sunvalley.7,155
Ile de Batz19181940 requisitioned by MOWT from French Line, 1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.685,755
Naimes1907ex- Roland Line, 1919 war reparations, 1920 sold to Glover Bros, London renamed Woron.5,332
Rudelsburg1916ex- Hansa Line, 1919 war reparations, 1920 sold to Ellerman Hall Line renamed City of Westminster.6,173
Samburghsee Tielbank (2), 1943-1947 managed for MOWT
Samclyde1944chartered by MOWT from U.S. War Shipping Administration, 1946 returned to U.S.A.7,219
Samfleetsee Corabank (2), 1944-1947 managed for MOWT
Sampfordsee Rowanbank (2), 1943-1947 managed for MOWT
Samtroysee Edenbank, 1943-1947 managed for MOWT
Samutasee Kelvinbank (2), 1943-1947 managed for MOWT
Samwashsee Maplebank (1), 1943-1947 managed for MOWT
Samwyesee Willowbank (3), 1944-1947 managed for MOWT
Samyorksee Ivybank (1), 1943-1947 managed for MOWT
War African19181921 sold to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co., London renamed Absia.5,218
War Burman19191919 sold to Lloyd Royal Belge, London and completed as Burgondier.5,287
War Fijian19181919 sold to J. Mathias & Sons, Cardiff renamed Western.5,257
War Hagara19191919-1920 managed for the Shipping Controller, 1920 transferred to British-Mexican Petroleum Co. renamed Inverarder, 1930 transferred to J. Hamilton.5,578
War Malayan19181919 sold to G. Embiricos, Greece renamed Michael L. Embiricos.5,223
War Pathan19191923 transferred to The Admiralty, London.5,581
Weissenfels1915ex- Hansa Line, 1919 war reparations, 1920 sold to Ellerman Hall Line renamed City of Auckland.8,319
British-Mexican Petroleum Co.
VesselBuiltYears in ServiceTons
Britmex No.11920bunkering vessel,1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.472
Britmex No.21920bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.474
Britmex No.31920bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.474
Britmex No.41920bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.474
Britmex No.51920bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.474
Britmex No.61920bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.475
Britmex No.71920bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.475
Britmex No.81920bunkering vessel, 1928 sold to Cie. Venture-Weir SA, France renamed Francunion III, 1949 hulked.475
Britmex No.91920bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton, 1932 purchased by Venture-Weir, France renamed Francunion IV, 1949 hulked.472
Britmex No.101921bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.476
Britmex No.111921bunkering vessel, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.476
Dalmuir19041925 purchased from H. Davies, London, 1930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.971
Inverampton19201930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.715
Inverarder1919see War Hagara.5,578
Inveravon19231930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.6,907
Invercorrie1918ex- Palmol, 1920 purchased from The Admiralty renamed Invercorrie, 1925 transferred to Lago Shipping Co., 1931 sold to Lago Petroleum Corp, Venezuela.1,144
Invergarry19241930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.6,907
Inverglass19241930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.6,901
Invergoil19221930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.6,907
Invergordon19231930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.6,921
Inveritchen19201930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.708
Inverleith19211930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.6,958
Inverpool19251930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.680
Invertest19201930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.259
Invertyne19201930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.259
Inverurie19211930 management transferred to J. Hamilton.6,907
Redline No.119241925 foundered in gale off Trevose Head.272
Compagnie Venture-Weir S.A., France
VesselBuiltYears in ServiceTons
Capafricsee Madawaska.
Francunion19211925 transferred to Lago Shipping, 1933 sold to British-Mexican Petroleum Co. (F. J. Wolfe)472
Francunion II1873ex- Silvertown, 1924 purchased from Anglo-American Oil Co., renamed Francunion II, 1927 became oil storage hulk.3,308
Francunion IIIsee Britmex No.8
Francunion IVsee Britmex No.9
Francunion V1912ex- Comanchee, 1933 purchased from Anglo-American Oil Co renamed Francunion V, 1949 scrapped.3,929
Francunion VI1915ex- Winnebago, 1935 purchased from Anglo-American Oil Co renamed Francunion VI, 1949 scrapped.2,749
Monafricsee Monadnock.
Rivafricsee Jeseric.
Inver Tankers Ltd. (whole fleet sunk in WWII)
VesselBuiltYears in ServiceTons
Inverdargle19381940 mined and sunk9,456
Inverilen19381943 torpedoed and sunk by U.4569,456
Inverlane19381939 mined and broke in two, fore part refloated and 1944 sunk as blockship at Normandy beaches.9,141
Inverlee19381941 torpedoed and sunk by U.2049,158
Inverliffey19381939 torpedoed and sunk by U.389,456
Invershannon19381940 torpedoed and sunk by U.999,154
Inversuir19381941 torpedoed and sunk by U.489,456
Lago Shipping Ltd.
VesselBuiltYears in ServiceTons
Ambrosio19261936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,391
Andino19351936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.4,569
Francunionsee Compagnie Venture-Weir SA.
Hooiberg19281936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,395
Icotea19271936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,402
Invercaibo19251936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,372
Invercorriesee British-Mexican Petroleum Co.
Inverlago19251936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,372
Inverrosa19251936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,372
Inverruba19251936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,372
La Salina19271936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,402
Lagunilla19271936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,402
Maracay19311936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.3,794
Oranjestad19271936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,396
Punta Benitez19281936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,394
Punta Gorda19281936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,395
Sabaneta19271936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,396
San Carlos19271936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,395
San Nicolas19261936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,391
Surinam19291933 sold to Standard Oil Co. of Venezuela.3,046
Tamare19291936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.3,046
Tia Juana19281936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,395
Ule19291932 sold to Standard Oil Co. of Venezuela, 1934 repurchased by Lago Shipping Co., 1935 resold to Standard Oil Co. of Venezuela.3,046
Yamanota19281936 management transferred to F. J. Wolfe.2,395