1 thought on “Some ship losses and subsequent B.O.T. enquiries

  1. Hi Alan,

    I am afraid I don’t recall meeting John Noble but I was reminded of the word for food! i.e. chop.chop was the name the West Africans used for food. Our pets are also used to the word as the family has adopted the expression About 1964/5 Unilever, Palm lines ultimate owners, had to train people of West African origin to take over. Very frustrating – the only time in my life that I hit someone first. How were you actually involved with Palm line?. I was on the Elmina Palm the Lobito Palm and others I’ve forgot at the moment.

    I’m very curious about your times in Hong Kong and Japan. Also China? My experiences are mainly after I left the Merchant Navy. Last in Japan ten years ago and H K two years ago.a I read the account of the tragic sinking on the reef in Fanning in 1975. It confirmed both of our earlier recollections in that there was a town separate from the main loading beach due to depth restrictions The findings of the enquiry was rather odd and the fines even more so ! Duty officers shouldn’t need written instructions, their responsibilities are explicit and so are their duties. Notices corrections sound like a cover up as on all the Bank boats I sailed on this was the Second Officers responsibility Nevertheless any grounding must also be the Masters ultimate responsibility. Do you agree?

    Here I go- banging on again. Sorry!

    The Lutine Bell must have been working overtime! If ever you are in London and have time to spare, perhaps we could meet up for a chat over a meal. It only takes me about half an hour to Kings Cross from Hitchin. The next Chapter you may like is an account of how I became promoted to uncertified third mate in 1958/9. It came about when the Second Officer disappeared while we were in the Malacca Straits.

    Kind regards,




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