2 thoughts on “House flag

  1. I have just attended the 40th anniversary of the boat people rescue carried by the M.V.SIBONGA. The master was Capt Healey Martin, who is now a resident in Nightingale nursing home in Dungannon. Nearly 50-60 people turned up, mostly Vietnamese who were rescued and their children. It was a very happy and joyous occasion. heart warming storied were told. It is a very moving story, I had heard about it at the time, as I was sailing as a Chief Officer with Ellerman Line of London. I now represent The Belfast Master Mariners association. Years back Capt. Martin was the chairman of the association himself. I took few photographs of the occasion and would gladly pass them on to any body who would be interested in them.

    With best wishes,

    Capt. Vivek Sarawgi.
    e-mail: seamewsbelfast@gmail.com.


    1. Hallo and greetings… Thanks for the interesting comment re the re-union. I have posted the video link to the BBC clip about the event on the site here. I would be very interested to see the pics you have, and with your approval could put some or all of them on this website for all to see. Alternatively, I could keep them private, and I look forward to your news. Thanks again, Alan Rawlinson.


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