This web site was started some years ago as a home for pictures related to a sea-going career. It has grown into a site for Bank Line enthusiasts worldwide. Daily statistics show readers from all corners and countries of the world. If you have a picture of a Bank Line vessel, why not share it? Just use the comment panel to make contact.

I am extremely grateful to contributors who have offered and prepared original material to improve the site offerings… There are many, but a few have freely sent extensive postings. They are both ex Bank Line officers and both have web sites, i.e. and which I urge you to visit.

Please enjoy browsing the site, and feel free to comment!

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  1. Hi, I love on a small Island in the Western Isles of Scotland. The Isle of Barra. My Dad was a bosun with Denholms for many years. Kevin Hargin. Anyway my wee boy just found a really old silver teaspoon on the river down from our house. It says Bankline 1910 and was made by Walker & Hall Sheffield. I googled it and came across this site. Just wondering if any of you sailed with any men from Barra. A lot of them were/are in the Merchant Navy


    1. Thanks for the interest. There will be Barra men among the Bank Line fraternity, but suggest you also post on ‘ Ship’s Nostalgia’ for more exposure. B Rgds/AAR


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