A book about life in the Bank Line from 1951 to 1955 serving as Apprentice and 3rd Officer. ( The cover shows a crude ‘ crossing the Line’ ceremony on the S.S. Hazelbank in 1951.)

Various voyages are related. Old prewar vessels, passenger ship Inchanga, Coal burner Hazelbank ( ex Empire Franklin) Liberty ship Maplebank and newer tonnage in the Compass Class ships and the Cedarbank class ship, Crestbank. The Ports visited, the characters, and a lot more….. Days now gone forever, with long port stays, and ships taking a month or more to cross the Pacific.

This was a time of transition as prewartime tonnage and war built vessels were still in the fleet. Newer vessels were starting to be ordered and there was a huge bonanza ahead with 50 new ships to join the fleet in only 10 years! ( 1957 to 1967). Those of us afloat at this time had a precious and unique experience.

This inexpensive book is available from AMAZON as a paperback or as an ebook, or can be downloaded from pay hip. Enjoy the read!

all comments welcome!

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