Olivebank (chartered in for the SafBank service). Seen here as Rickmers Nanjing.

The various short term charters and services in the 80’s and 90’s illustrate the struggle that took place in the Bank Line to survive and to establish lasting trades in a rapidly changing, turbulant, and highly competitive shipping world. The advent of the so called ‘ container revolution’ was nothing less than a maritime trading Tsunami to shipping lines, both Liner and Tramp. Looking back from the luxury of 30 years on, it is clear that the Bank Line, along with many other companies were in their worldwide death throes, thrashing around, changing tonnage and ship types, routes ,and services in a monumental effort to find stability. It all failed. However, we are left with amazing memories and a glorious 100 year plus history to celebrate. This company, along with other famous defunct names, remains an important part of British Maritime History.

Built in Norway at Tonsberg as the M.V. Nara in 1977 with a container capacity of 536 teu’s.

Completed 1977 
Subsequent History: 

Disposal Data: 
BU Alang 20.3.99 

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