The story of the Empire Attendant……

The Empire Attendant was a ship managed by Andrew Weir on behalf of the M O W T (Ministry of War Transport). She had been a B I ship as shown above, but was converted to cargo carrying in 1940 after being bombed. B.I. gave D names when they were the first British company to fit Diesel engines to a passenger ship, and the ship started life as the Domala. (see lower picture) After conversion in 1940 she looked like the top picture.

She was bombed and set on fire in the English Channel, when 108, mostly Indian seamen were lost. Protests were made by India to Germany. After conversion to a cargo ship she was under Andrew Weir management, and sailed with military stores to Durban, but was torpedoed on 15th July 1942 by U582.

She was rebuilt as steam merchant Empire Attendant for Ministry of War Transport (MoWT). Notes on event: At 03.30 hours on 15 July 1942 the Empire Attendant (Master Thomas Grundy), dispersed from convoy OS-33, ( she became a straggler, 20 miles behind the convoy and with engine trouble) was torpedoed and sunk by U-582 south of the Canary Islands. The master, 49 crew members and nine gunners were lost.

Wener Schulte who sank the Empire Attendant was lost with all his crew of U582, just 3 months later. See map above.

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