Aymeric, a steamer built in 1905. One of 3 vessels ordered from Russell & Co. Port Glasgow.

Torpedoed in May 1918, only 6 months before the end of the war. She was loaded with coal, heading for Port Said, and in the Mediterranean when caught by U63 (see below). Number of survivors not known.U63 survived the war to surrender and be broken up at Blyth, Northumberland.

AYMERIC SS was a British Cargo steamer built in 1905 by Russell & Co Port Glasgow, Yard No 544 and Engines by Rankin & Blackmore. She was owned by Andrew Weir & Co., Glasgow. She was torpedoed by German submarine U-63 about 145 miles Sw by W of Cape Matapan, when on route from the Clyde for Port Said with a cargo of coal. Read more at wrecksite: https://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?136657

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