Another view of the 1955 built Foylebank, one of 6 from Harlands…

18 years in the fleet, and then Foylebank gave another 10 years service under the Greek flag under a new name of ‘ Patroclos’. These 6 ships built for the Bank Line were a great success before containers arrived, and they formed the backbone of the Pacific Copra loading programme back to Europe, and in particular, Bromboro dock, Birkenhead. Valuable coconut oil from pre crushed copra carried in tanks was part of the cargo and helped achieve a full load both in space and deadweight. The Copra was crushed and used in a variety of products by Messrs Lever Bros. The distinctive, and not unpleasant smell was overwhelming when climbing out of the taxi alongside when joining one of these vessels discharging. Often, the warm oil, (achieved from steam heating coils) would be flowing out in a throbbing pipe to tankers, and any spillage would quickly solidify into white streaks down the ships side. It could be a miserable wet day, raining, snowing, or blowing, but, hard to explain, there was always a feeling of euphoria as the sensation in that dock immediately and strongly conjured up images of the tropical Pacific islands!……….

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