POLERIC – a ship with an interesting history

This was a 1900 built ship, a steamer with twin screws and completed as Consuelo for T Wilson of Hull, and used as a cattle carrier for 8 years running cattle between New York and the UK! Then in 1908 named Cainrona by new owners, Cairn Line who ran her between Canada and the UK with 50 First Class and 300 third class passengers. A fire in 1910 led to the rescue of 879 passengers and there was one death. Joined in with Tortona and Gerona which were all then bought by Cunard and she was renamed `Albania. In 1912 Bank Line became the new owner and she became POLARIC. She lasted until 1925 when a cargo of grain shifted and she had to be towed in to New York. Scrapped in Osaka 1929 – a 29 year coloured history!

Here she is as Consuelo

all comments welcome!

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