Isle of Arran – with ‘painted ports’

This beautiful vessel was in the fleet 1895 to 1915 when she was sold to a Liverpool company. 2 Years later in WW1 she was captured by a U boat off of Ireland, and then bombed to destruction. Pictured here in Australian waters.

HISTORICAL NOTE: She was captured and sunk by Fredrich Moeck in U46 who, 3 days later torpedoed a big liner, the Argyllshire, 12,000 tons, and claimed her as lost. However, she managed to reach Falmouth and was repaired to sail on, and to reach the breakers yard at the end of her life.

5 ships sunk in 1 week of February

3 thoughts on “Isle of Arran – with ‘painted ports’

  1. Isle of Arran was bought by Robert Thomas & Co Ltd in 1915: the vessel is reported to have stranded on the Drogheda Bar in March 1916. Can anyone help me with details of this voyage (1916 -1917), the departure, ports, and particularly the stranding noted here. I think the ship was commanded by Captain Richard Owens, from Nefyn in Wales, who was the longest serving master of Islamount (ex Glenlee), and the Second Officer was Henry Despioht from Sutterton,Lincolnshire. 24 crew left Isle of Arran in two boats, spent 27 hours at sea before landing. (Liverpool Echo 6 Feb 1917)


    1. The dates for the 2 reports dovetail, so it looks like the crew took to the boats after the war action by the U boat.


      1. Having seen his second ship destroyed by an enemy warship, Mr Henry Despioht, second officer of the ISLE OF ARRAN, is now back at his home at Sutterton, near Boston. He was on the CONWAY CASTLE when that vessel was sunk by a German raider in the South Pacific, and afterwards sailed on the ISLE OF ARRAN. The latter ship was without any warning fired on by a German submarine. From 12 noon until 3 o’clock the following afternoon the crew were exposed to wind and waves before being rescued. [Aberdeen Journal 20.2.1917]


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