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NameOfficial numberFlagIMO
Year builtDate launchedDate completed
1926 13/04/1926 26/05/1926 
Vessel typeVessel description 
Cargo General  Steel Motor Vessel  
BuilderYardYard no
Harland & Wolff Ltd., Govan 687 
5155 grt / 3153 nrt / 420.3 ft 53.9 ft 26.5 ft  
Engine builderHarland & Wolff Ltd., Govan
Engine detail
M 2 x 6cyl 4SCSA (630x960mm), 717nhp, 2 screws 
First ownerFirst port of registerRegistration date
Bank Line Ltd. – A. Weir & Co., Glasgow Glasgow  
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history 
11/1939 Admiralty by requisition 
Vessel history
11/1939 converted to auxiliary fighter catapult ship 
End yearFate / Status
1941 Torpedoed 27/09/1941 
Disposal Detail
Torpedoed by U.201 in the North Atlantic, 49.10N – 20.05W and finished by gunfire from escort HMS JASMINE the next day as a danger to shipping. 

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