Built 1983 in Turku, Finland. SD15 Ship. 17kts and with a 576 teu capacity plus tanks for veggy oil. Purchased when she was 12 years old in 1995. Four double and four single berth passenger cabins. First stop was Tahiti. (Papeete).

NB: Historical note………..Looking back with the advantage of hindsight, this was a true hybrid vessel for the company, trying hard to combine the old languid ’round the islands’ lifestyle that we all loved with the kill joy modern rapid container turnrounds. It was a valient effort, but doomed to failure being neither one thing nor the other….

2 thoughts on “Foylebank

  1. Foylebank was used in the film “Castaway with Tom Hanks. I spent five hours pretending to rescue him steaming up and down the coast off Suva with camera boats taking films. There were about 20secs of her in the film


    1. Hallo John, Great to get your interesting comments. Many thanks. Would you consider writing a few hundred words about your Bank Line experiences for the site? Up to 200 people a day are looking in and would be highly appreciative, I’m sure. My email if you would do this is Cheers /Alan Rawlnson


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