3 thoughts on “PARADISE ISLANDS – PAPUA NEW GUINEA. A factual account of life working there by an ex Bank Line apprentice, in his later career as Master and Pilot.

  1. Yeh Dick, agree with you there. Being an expatriate of TP & NG 1956-1961, and for about 14 years following trips to and from PNG and living there again and working stevedoring Bank Line ships Rabaul and Madang, Lae and Port Moresby. LASH ships I ‘worked’ as tug master towing barges Salamaua to Lae. At one time the tow was nine barges in-line, over 600ft in length. A slow trip back to Lae moorings. Bougainville was on many cargo runs out of Rabaul on various coastal ships….Greyville, Papuan Liberty, and Burns Philp’s m.v. Kalili. and their overseas ship m.v BRAESIDE. Man, those were the days when you could rub shoulders with the Harbour Master and Pilots in the local watering holes!
    Cheers and out.


  2. it would be nice to know the name of the person who wrote the article about new guinea, as theres no mention who he is anywhere. i am an ex bankline man and am just curious if its ayone i sailed with.


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