A SAILOR’S POSTCARD FROM PALAU……….This is a fascinating factual account of a challenging voyage in command – The author served his apprenticeship with the Bank Line, and has written an interesting lifetime memoir called, ” A TRAMP FOR ALL THE OCEANS”. ( See details on this site)

A sample paragraph………….On the second day we had two stoppages, each of about 2 hours, due to main engine defects. The third day was similar with a couple of stoppages. This caused me to become concerned and I ventured to enquire of the Chief Engineer, if he had any doubts we could easily put into the small Port of Wewak or even Vanimo, but he assured me he had everything under control and the events of the past 2 days were quite common occurrences for this ship. With some hesitation I accepted his advice to continue towards Palau, but, as a precaution I replanned my courses to remain about 15 miles off the New Guinea Coast until abeam of Wewak, before heading North West, directly towards the Palau archipelago. This I concluded was the safest bet in case things went drastically wrong.

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