1 thought on “A Bank Line desk calendar

  1. Hi Alan,

    I have been contacted by a fellow called Alan Homer in Western Australia regarding a calendar. Thanks for your help with the plug. Of the original 50 printed, I have about 15 available to those who would like one.

    38 Deg here this morning at 11 am, so good to sit in the aircon and do my scribbles – Gin Bottle and Ice Bucket to hand.

    BTW, STandY requesting a few more photos for one of my Fly River articles. Searching the Internet has not proven very productive so far. With your research experience have you any tips for sites I could look at? I am only missing 2, “Western Enterprise” and “Western Flyer”


    *Geoff Walker* *Email*:* oceanicsolutions@gmail.com * *M +61 41 249 8234 (Any Hour)*


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