An ERNEBANK Shipmate crosses the bar……….

H Barber second from the left….. An Ernebank excursion to ” The Mother” , a volcano top in Rabaul. Left to right: Doug Christie: HBarber:3rd Engineer:Alan Rawlinson

Captain H Barber has recently died after a long and successful career and retirement. We were shipmates back in 1953 on the above ship – the Ernebank. I was a junior apprentice, and Harold was the 3/0, his first Bank Line trip. And what a trip! ( See the article titled ” Around the world in Coronation year 1953). The Officers were a particularly wild bunch and as we went from Cuba to Japan, the shore trips got wilder and wilder. I recall Harold as a pleasant and friendly shipmate who baulked at some of the escapades that were dreamed up, like climbing a mountain in spikes in Rabaul. However, all ended well, and Harold went on to pass for Extra Master’s and to be a senior Master on a range of Bank Line ships, new and old. I have nothing but fond memories – R.I.P. Harold.

by Alan Rawlinson (site owner)

Another tribute from Tim Phillips

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Captain Harry Barber.

As a young apprentice I sailed with him on the Forthbank (The voyage that hit the bridge in Rotterdam)

and  can clearly remember his stoic and professional handling of such a dramatic incident. 

As the “old man” he was greatly respected by all of the crew and saw us all through some very trying times.

Many times during my  career and still today, when I have been faced with difficult events,

I often think back to Harry and take great solace in the way he managed these things.

Condolences to the Barber family, and RIP Harry

Tim Phillips

Hapag-Lloyd Ghana Ltd

Managing Director

1 thought on “An ERNEBANK Shipmate crosses the bar……….

  1. I didn’t sail with Harold, I was with Shell Tankers but I lived next door to him in Bradford for many years. A gentleman of the first order


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