Maritime History……A link between J.T.Rennie and Andrew Weir…

Andrew Weir got involved in the South African shipping scene when he took over the Bullard King service between S Africa and India, and then building the 3 so-called ” White Ships”, Incomati, Isipingo, and Inchanga. in 1939. These local names had been used before however by the ‘ Rennie Line’ as mentioned in this interesting letter extract from an early edition of ” Sea Breezes”

The earlier Inchanga mentioned above was built by Hall, Russell & Co, Aberdeen in 1895. Sold in 1911 to Arab Steamers, Bombay, and renamed Bahrein. In 1922 she was sold on to the Bombay & Persian Steam Nav. Co. ( The Mogul Line). She had 10 more years before scrapping, and sailed under the Egyptian flag.


Here is a newspaper comment at the launch. “INCHANGA, A new steamer. Capt. Stuart RNR. With large airy 2 berth cabins, fitted with electric light, piano and all modern conveniences, surgeon and stewardess.”

In 1911, Rennie’s Aberdeen Line was purchased by T & J Harrison of Liverpool.

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