A Blue Plaque for Andrew Weir (Lord Inverforth)

An application for a ‘Blue Plaque’ for Lord Inverforth has been turned down recently leading to some of us exploring alternatives. The national scheme has the backing of English Heritage – see the Jimmy Hendrix plaque example. There are many other sources, or indeed a private plaque can be created. The City of London also have a Blue Plaque scheme for applicants from the ‘square mile’. ( See the William Bligh plaque below).

The location is another question to be resolved as the old Bury St. address gave way for the London ‘Gherkin’ site. The original Glasgow address in Hope St. is still as before.

Andrew Weir, the great shipping entrepreneur built the largest fleet of sailing vessels ever under the British flag.

A blue plaque within the City of London appears to be a possibility but the whole process takes 5 years. There is an application form which is straightforward and at first glance, it would appear that qualification is a possibility, although there are many unsuccessful applications. More later…

all comments welcome!

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