The last of the CORABANK class, launched 1974. She spent all of her life in Bank Line ownership just like her sistership, MORAYBANK. The other 4 vessels in the class were all sold on. This ship design was a valient effort to serve the needs of the emerging container market whilst having 11 tanks for oil. Modifications were also made to four of the vessels to carry passengers in double berth cabins. Twin hatches, deck cranes, and portable bulkheads were all features added to get maximum flexibility from the vessels. The record shows that the vessels were switched around on various services and routes, and chartered out when necessary, all in order to survive in very turbulant times.

NB: Interested readers and “nautical buffs” should read Captain John Millars quite moving account of his instructions to beach the CLYDEBANK at Alang for scrapping, Xmas 1999. It is titled – ” Death of a Lady”. (Seach on CLYDEBANK and scroll down).

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