Sydney Harbour, always a magnificent site and a welcome port call for all the Bank Line ships. All the delights of a major city, with the added prospect of easily arranged on -board parties.

The MEADOWBANK at Sydney
The SOUTHBANK at Sydney witha ” Just Married” sign on the occasion of Captain Carney’s marriage there during a visit.

6 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Bruce Carney was the 1st Mate on the Westbank with If I remember correctly Peter Smith as Master when the Westbank was the second vessel in my apprenticeship.
    I joined her in 1953..
    Alan I think you were on her the trip before me .


    1. Hi Mike

      Ys, I only made the homeward passage from Durban to Immingham – manganese ore. She had a stiffening girder welded down the port keel after grounding on Juan De Nova.


  2. Meadowbank – I have the picture passing Sydney Opera house June 78 Bank and Saville line first southbound trip –


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