Places we visited…Monte

Monte Video

Lucky ‘Bank Liners’ occasionally got to Monte Video in Uruguay to discharge gunnies from India or maybe other cargo. It was a chance to savour the delights of this Uruguayan city with everything that a visitor would ever want, from art and architecture to the usual seaman’s delights.

A map of the River Plate, with Monte Video opposite Buenos Aires. The river is wide and brown coloured, despite the map above. It also holds the remains of the German cruiser “Graf Spee” after her scuttling in WW2.

See the book called, ” Voyaging with Icons” for accounts of life in the Bank Line travelling the world.

2 thoughts on “Places we visited…Monte

  1. Cisited Montivideo while on the Teakbank, then many years lasted on a trip to Buenos Aires I took a ferry trip Buenos Aires to Montivideo and stayed there for a couple of days in 2010. I was very sorry to see poverty and a terrible lack of upkeep in the city structure i.e. Pavements etc.


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