Places we visited….


A call to the port city of Auckland in New Zealand was a regular feature of life in the Bank Line. Often the first port of call after the long Pacific crossing from Panama, and the start of a most welcome trawl around the N.Z. ports discharging general cargo and often sulphur loaded in the U.S Gulf Ports. In the days after WW2, when the Liberty ships were in the fleet, crewed by European seamen, it was often the beginning of a drunken revelry too hard to resist, and progress around the ports of North Island and South Island was dependent on having enough sober crew to proceed!

The last vessel ever built for the Bank Line – WILLOWBANK berthed in Auckland 1980’s

It is hard to do justice to the beauty, the surroundings, and the climate of this area with scenic beauty and the water vista out to the islands and seawards. A perfect location for water sports and the sailing enthusiast alike.

As it was – Queen St. Auckland 1950,s

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