The 1924 built COMLIEBANK at Wallaroo Dec. 1924 on her maiden voyage. Note the sailing ships still loading grain.

Wallaroo in the Spencer Gulf, S Australia was one of a number of ports frequented by the Bank Line ships. Loading grain and sometimes discharging phosphate rock were the reasons to visit. Most would probably agree that these smallish ports were a treat, mainly due to the very friendly and welcoming folk .

1 thought on “Places we visited..Wallaroo

  1. Loaded grain there with Harrison Line – having my as per normal walk along the jetty before breakfast, thought I’d say good morning to some old guy sitting fishing at the end of the jetty. The rude, gnarled old bastard just turned round and told me to ‘fu** off’ – and that is my abiding memory of Wallaroo.


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