About the site…..

by Alan Rawlinson.

This web site/blog was started some years ago as a home for pictures related to a seagoing career. Later, pictures from maritime postings ashore were added. It has now become a site for all Bank Line material. More pictures, articles, and memories are needed from you – the readers!

There are 1700 entries here covering the sailing ships, steamers, and motorships, twin screw vessels, and more, mostly with pictures. Material is being added as it becomes available. There are also LINKS to other interesting sites. Please enjoy browsing, and do feel free to comment! If you have pictures or stories of the Bank Line days please leave a message or email me at fairwinz@mail.com. Thank you.

Me steering on the liberty ship MAPLEBANK in 1955. Search for ‘Maplebank’ on the ‘Q’ symbol for an account of that memorable voyage with a Liverpool crew.