About this site…..

This web site/blog was started by me, ( Alan Rawlinson) some years ago as a home for pictures related to my sea- going career. Later, pictures were added from Offshore days in Dubai and other personal career stuff. It has morphed into a site for Bank Line enthusiasts and past members and continues to grow. Ship pictures are always welcome.-

My own career started in 1951 as an apprentice in the Bankline, joining the old ‘ Forthbank ‘ steamer in Cardiff. Then followed 10 years to Chief Officer on the M.V. Southbank. (before she was wrecked!) and then a career in Sealink and onwards to management abroad in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore in shipping related jobs. In recent years I have penned a couple of books about life at sea in the 1950’s, and these books are called ” Any Budding Sailors?” and ” Merchant navy Apprentice – 1951-1955″. They include an account of time spent on steam ships, motor ships, war built ships, and the passenger ship Inchanga. The books are both in print, and available as ebooks on Amazon, or by following the links on the site.

There are getting on for 700 pages here covering the sailing ships, steamers, and motorships, mostly with pictures. There are also LINKS to other very interesting sites. Please enjoy browsing, and do feel free to comment!