The site is pretty full with 2100 entries, but new items still appear from time to time. It would help and it would be of great interest to readers if stuff was sent in. Polite accounts of life onboard or pictures are welcome and should be emailed to They will not be posted up until the sender (you) approve the layout etc. Pictures are particularly welcome of days spent on the Bank Line ships. Thank you.

Any budding sailors out there? This was the question when the chance came to enter an examination to go to sea school, and it became the name chosen for my book.

The book shown above is a biography and tells about life at sea roaming the world on tramp and liner routes visiting many strange ports on long 2 year voyages.     It’s a memoir of a whole life from first recollections of the blitz in London, to a later career at sea followed by postings ashore in many worldwide locations, and the ups and downs of a life wedded to the shipping industry in many guises.   It can be read via AMAZON or purchased via the payhip site at