Maritime reading

Recommended books with a maritime theme. A chosen list from my library of 800 books….

First up….. “THE FATAL SHORE” by Robert Hughes.

This is a fascinating and detailed account of the start up of the colonisation of Australia. Captain Cook and all that…

“Admiral Byng – His rise and execution”. by Chris Ware.

“Slaver Captain”, by John Newton.

“Fatu-Hiva”, by Thor Heyerdahl

A great account of time spent on Fatu Hiva, a name familiar to Bank Line navigators from Pacific journeys through the Marquesas islands.

“Bligh” Master Mariner, by Rob Mundle

The First “Bellerophon” by Colin Pengelly

A fascinating account of the ship that the men in the Navy called, ” The Billy Ruffian”. This includes the capture and transport of Napoleon Bonaparte to Torbay.

“Life in Nelson’s Navy” by Dudley Pope

The Boat by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim

NB: Searching for books. Some are out of print, but here is my suggestion how to obtain books. Look on AMAZON first, and check the small print below the title where it often says, ” other offers”. Many books are very cheap in this section. Failing that, look online at “alibris’ – a great site. Another source is “abebooks”, owned by Amazon but still listing independently.